Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choose Color Furniture to Create a Vibrant Living Room in This Autumn

Color furniture is a major highlight prevailing in this year, as autumn is also a vibrant season suitable for a variety of colors mix and match together, so if you want to create a vibrant as well as full of stylish living room in the autumn, even if your house is not very spacious, but as long as to choose a few pieces of color furniture, you will make the living room in your home become more fashionable and outstanding, and become a fashion and bright headquarter.

As white is the keynote of the above whole space, a red single seat on the left, companied with red cushions make the whole space live up.

Colorful Polyresin Clothes Stand, Very Fashionable as well as Full of Zest (Available from Euro-Home)

As color furniture become a major highlight prevailing in this year, the designers applied colors with furniture design to the extreme, with covers of color, home furnishings also become more personalized and more amusing.

Red Seat, definitely a highlight in the living room(Available from Lotos Come Home)

Colorful Woven Rattan Chair, Dynamic and Full of Vitality. (Available from IKEA)

Polyresin Table Lamp, with practical use as well as a beautiful ornament. (Available from Kartell)

Blue Reclining Chair (Available from Roche-Bobois)

SERRALUNGA Egg-Shaped Umbrella Stand (Available from VITA)

Color Glass Table (Available from Roche-Bobois)

Additionally, with unique eye-catching visual effect, color furniture can break the space oppression, and enlarge the space room to a certain extent. You may be freely to place a few pieces of color furniture in your living room, for they are really eye-catching.

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